Packing for a baby when travelling

So as you all know we went on our first holiday recently with our 4.5-month-old baby.

Here is a list of things we packed and couldn’t have done without:

  • A cheap pram as it gets thrown around on the plane
  • Medication such as Dioralyte, Calpol and Calgel
  • A mosquito net for the pram, we got ours with the Uppababy Vista and I just threw it into the suitcase as an afterthought but we used it all the time.
  • Mosquito spray. We used “Incognito Insect Repellent” from Holland and Barrett which was inexpensive and was suitable for a young baby.
  • Large light muslin cloths to use as blankets, protection from the sun(I only ever half covered the pram as dangerous to cover fully) and to put on floor so baby can roll
  • One or two sun hats as we lost one while over. We found the one in photo great as you can tie it under chin.

  • A swim nappy and a one piece sun protective swimsuit so when in the water it won’t slide up their belly. Also no need for an actual nappy under a swim nappy. I had to ask a friend this!
  • I bought large pegs over and they were used all the time to peg things such a mosquito net to the pram so even to pack one or two clothes pegs is a good idea
  • Baby sunscreen. I had bought baby Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen and spent around 15euro but our little man had a reaction to it when I did a patch test so I tried the Aldi Mamia and it was excellent. We had him in the shade anyway but no reaction at all.

  • As a babywearing mammy I also packed my ring sling as it is light. We used it on the day we walked the beach and browsed in shops and was dead handy. I also used it at the airport when the pram was taken at the gate.
  • 1 tog travel slumbersac. He slept in this every night and when we went to dinner and the evening got cooler it was perfect to keep him warm.
  • Instead of all in one short-sleeved vests I bought a few actual short vests for him in Pennys so he wouldn’t sweat too much under his t-shirt.

Above are all the things we found really handy to have. Apart from all those items listed above, clothes wise I packed (I say I because hubby packed for himself and packed for my son and I) :

  • 2 pairs of shorts, 2 t-shirts
  • 3 short rompers  (one in which he slept in once he wore it during the day)
  • A cardigan
  • 2 light long pants
  • 7 pairs of socks(he didn’t really wear socks as was so warm)
  • one really light jumper that he wore on the flight over

So as you can probably tell most of the suitcase was taken up by baby so I packed as much as I could for myself with the rest of the space!!


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