My name is not J

Choosing a name for you’re first born, or any born is so so difficult!! As I was so sick we didn’t think about names until closer to the end of the pregnancy and because we didn’t know what we were having we had to choose both male and female names!

We had a list of names but I must say I found boy names so hard to choose until my hubby came up with a name I loved…..instantly! The moment our son was born I knew it was the right name for him, so I ditched all the other names we had chosen. I couldn’t imagine him with any other name now apart from Joshua, so why is it from the moment our baby came into this world people have decided themselves that his name should be something else??!! People have TRIED to call him Josh , Jay, Jo and literally anything you can shorten his name to! I don’t mind people making a mistake as I ALWAYS correct them, and if later on in life Joshua wants to be called something else or even go by his middle name, I’ll be happy with that.

All of the above just reminds me of how when you get married people instantly think they have the right to start commenting on your reproductive system, or when you have your first baby they comment on whether you’ll “go again”. I think this is what makes me so mad about the whole thing.  I’m not even talking about friends and family as such, I was asked only a few weeks ago by a sales assistant “would you have loved a girl” while I was holding my son in my arms!

It took us 9 months of worrying that our baby would be alright, many sleepless nights, 1000 prayers, many hours contemplating a fitting name for our unborn baby girl or boy, days where we would just imagine what they look like and if the name would suit them, pages upon pages of names crossed out and not given a second thought, hours of labour with 2 names in my head on repeat just to get me through. Months, days, hours, minutes just hoping we get to meet our little girl or boy and everything will be okay and it took all of 1 day for someone to call our baby boy, not by the name his mother and father had given him, but a name they had decided would be shorter and easier to say.

So please, have some consideration for every parent who has ever looked into their newborn’s eyes and decided “that’s what I want to call them”, and ask them if they are going to shorten the name before you go and shorten it for them. When our little babies can talk for themselves, let them be called what they like, but for now, my baby boy is just Joshua.


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